Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Christmas in July in Sewtopia......................

Christmas did indeed come early for me, in July. Her name is Lola. 
While sorting out the project boxes to pull the Christmas fabrics, I got a little off track. So I will just tell you all right now, Christmas will probably be in December! One thing I know for sure, Quilters need a sense of humor.

For example, in this little bin are the layer cake cuts for a small quilt, Christmas theme of course. 
 I just spent the morning cutting the squares apart into triangles. Truthfully, I do not remember what the pattern was to be. I am not sure why I stitched two white charm squares together only to cut them apart again to make a white square. 

Enter the sense of humor! 
Later this afternoon, when Mr. Sewtopia returns from doing errands, I will enlist his dog-sitting services so that I can dress, make beds, cook dinner ...and...head to the studio to try to find the pattern or plan for these little squares. There is a good reason why the good Lord did not permit aging women to have babies. Baby dogs bring their own challenges. Miss Lola is a smart little 8 lb. bundle. Eat, sleep, and..... you know what! She knew her name in less than two days, knows why that back door opens every 15 minutes and what her crate is for. For the next few weeks she is number one and I have to say she knows it and we are learning quickly!
  • Sleep is a precious commodity, my account is a bit low.
  • The zucchini and spaghetti squash are taking over. Yesterday I made zucchini/cranberry/pineapple bread and zucchini fritters. And there are more, friends have been notified, baskets are full and the recipes are flying. 
  • A few more projects are in the wings. How does that happen?
    she sleeps, she is a cuddler

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