Thursday, August 10, 2017

Still Crushing on Red, White, and Blue!

The Rose. So delicate, so beautiful, so Summer. This last full month of official Summer seems to be moving along very quickly to me. I suspect this will be the last bloom of my little mini-roses for the season.

Quilt colors mark our seasons as well. While I am still plugging away on Christmas projects I have to remember to step back and appreciate the colors of the current season. Snow Men and Christmas trees need to be in the background, at least for a little while 😚

 The Ladies of the Cloth are always busy. While cleaning her sewing space Kay found this little sweetie, Rose quilted it and now Kay is finishing the binding. It will go to a lucky person.
 Rose worked an interesting border on this one to make the design pop.
 This one is a cuddler!
A little more patriotism is displayed in this sweet little mat by Marilyn. She has quilted it using a decorative stitch on her machine, a "crows foot." Love the colors and contrast.
No, you are not seeing double, well maybe you are! Marilyn made this quilt, the larger version of the small mat. How cute is that?
  • Red, white and blue quilts. I never tire of them. 
  • Summer, a wonderful time to work on small quilts. (of course, I have to make a big one with a wool batting.....)
  • I have to post the finished Rosita. I have been busy, coming soon.

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