Wednesday, July 5, 2017

On My Mind-Living Your Best Life-Gourmet Magazine-Sort of an Editorial

Wild Sweet Pea vines on the edges of Sewtopia

November 2009, a landmark time in culinary history when Conde' Nast ceased publication of Gourmet Magazine. While sorting through a collection of Gourmet magazines (that I will hold on to) and the annual compilation books, I was reminded of how precious this publication really was. It's sister publication that was saved from the chopping block is Bon Apetite. I still get it but will cancel at the end of this subscription. It is the cheesy pop-art copy that will never measure up, IMO.
Beautiful Basil

The subtitle printed under the Gourmet header is "The Magazine of Good Living." A treasure trove of great and innovative cooking as well as travel and inspiration, I began my love of food exploration right there. Good living meant doing the best one can under your circumstances. Not to live a life you could not afford, or to travel to exotic destinations just to be able to say you were there when hosting a simple dinner party, but to grow and experience your best life, on your terms. Gourmet magazine provided the backdrop for interpreting your style in life.
Beautiful hardy Thyme, still going after three years, three Winters.

As a young adult, wrapped up in hustle and bustle of a new career in a new city, I found compatriots who shared my passion for all things elegant beyond the string of fast food restaurants that were quickly taking over the city. We had ritual shared or traveling dinners about twice a month when we all had the same day off and our partners were in the same country or not on call. The numbers varied now and then depending on circumstances but most times our Gourmet Club consisted of 10-12 people. There were no vegetarians and we were living in a city famous for the stock yards so meat was always included somewhere along the way.
Rosemary this season is a little sluggish.

Coming from the Eastern part of the country determined my culinary style while others from the Southwest provided my first introduction to Tex-Mex cooking. I remember the first house party I attended in a large condo complex where the balconies over looked a ravine and falling water. What a charming setting it was but the highlight of that event was a custom made table in the middle of an indoor/outdoor room that held a gigantic metal bowl filled with a chili-type of dip that was being served with crisp and soft tortillas. A selection of salsa's, cheeses and vegetables accompanied this. How unconventional. I was not expecting roast pork loin and scalloped potatoes but this was revolutionary for me. It was the 1960's and we were living our lives.

Where am I going with this? I don't know, nostalgia I suppose. All of those people went our separate ways and eventually lost touch over the years. Some went to foreign countries in war and some by choice, never to return. But skimming an old Gourmet magazine for some new Spring recipes started it all. It could always be worse, I could be pining for a fast-food, sort of gray colored burger. Will not happen. Gourmet Magazine, Si Bon!


ELMO said...

I especially liked the different menus featured in each issue, complimented by all of those gorgeous place settings

celkalee said...

Another favorite was the column in the front where readers could request a recipe prepared at this restaurant or that resort. It was like hearing a secret!

ELMO said...

Oh Yes!!! I remember those too. I always wanted the biscuit recipe for a place called L & N Seafood, they were amazing. Great, I'm hungry now.

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