Thursday, June 1, 2017

Sewtopia, The Journal

Well, that took a little longer than I expected! Let me explain. Prior to our Spring Break Lucy and I were experiencing lots of spam here in Sewtopia. Not the first time but likely the worst time. I chose to take the blog down for a while to make some changes. I did. The most obvious is the new format and some new security that will hopefully stabilize the situation.

I tossed around the idea of dropping out of the blog world but decided that I started this as a journal of my work and I will continue to do that. No hard and fast schedules, just a journal, that I share.

Not entirely idle, I spent some time doing some machine embroidery.
Using the largest hoop I was able to work two designs on to the same hooping. My mistake was I think I needed to put more space between the stitch outs. I may be making these again.
I tried some thread from Superior thread. That didn't work out. The thread was beautiful and very fine, but my machine did not like it. It shredded, unthreaded and made me question my sanity. This machine likes Exquisite thread. It is a poly and comes in amazing colors. I have a bit of it. Now I am working on using pre-wound bobbins on the advice of other who have this machine. They feel the tension is more precise on the pre-wounds. I will report on that. 

Stitch On!

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