Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Porches, Summertime Means a Little Stitching on the Porch! And Happy Flag Day in America

The front porch in Sewtopia faces North. When storms are brewing Lucy and I like to visit here, perch in the antique rocking chair and admire the view of the changing sky. Some early July 4th decor has found its way there as well. While I have plenty of "fluff" on my person, my spine seems to find every sharp corner in chair or rocker! Thus, you will see quilts on all my rocking chairs. The little table/stool beside the rocker was made by my Dear Son in Cub Scouts many years ago. Black is it's most recent color.
I keep a portable stitching or crochet project in a basket near each porch door to take with me for a few minutes of relaxation. It is amazing how much you can accomplish in little bits of time when you are prepared.

 This miniature rose bush is thriving in its temporary home. So far the deer have left it alone, not so much for the Knock Out Roses, they have mostly killed them off. Little Buggers.
Sweetness in a bud.
The American Flag has flown here for the best part of 42 years.
The New Guinea Inpatients are glorious.
The opposite end of the front porch is harboring the house plants that have come out for some fresh air. These rockers haven't been dressed yet. They will be. This is a favorite spot during picnic time because the cool North face is a good 10-15 degrees cooler than the back Southern facing patio.
  The back porch is ready for the morning coffee and little lunches while working in the garden. Just look at that sweet little Shamrock. It is now three years old! I have never managed to keep one healthy this long. It is even blooming. I usually kill them off in a couple months. This one is special.
Rocking on the back porch with a String Quilt. This rocker is a Cracker Barrel prize. Out of all the collection, this is my favorite. Don't tell the Hubs. The handmade Windsor is supposed to be #1!

Stitch On!


Jeanneke said...

Wouldn't it be wonderful, if I came over to have a cuppa with you on your porch, or on both porches. Tea on one and coffee on the other.
And admire all your beautiful quilts, having a chat and a good laugh.
Well, in the meantime I join you in your online Sewtopia and that's okay, very okay!
Love and blessings to you dear friend,


celkalee said...

Oh Dear Friend, that would be wonderful! If not you here, I'll come there. Time will tell, yes? Have a wonderful day and when you sit down for your next Tea, think of me, I will be thinking of you!

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