Thursday, June 29, 2017

A This and That Post Because ....well....Just Because

You all know by now that I like to decorate for holidays. The Patriotic theme arrives right before Memorial Day and extends until some time near the end of July. The quilts, the plaques, the little's but not too many. A recent visitor was studying my family room fireplace mantel and didn't seem to understand the concept. Am I a dying breed? I found the insulated pitcher below in an antique shop. The imprint states Property of the Cleveland Hotel. No, I did not lift it. I bought it, paid too much, it spoke to me.
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I need to work this out in embroidery or something and hang it on the door! When I think the room is in pretty good shape someone will always comment with a bit of a tone. I clean up after every project but still have a bit of envy when I see photo's of those fabulous sewing spaces. So I stopped looking at them šŸ˜»

You can't use up creativity, the more you use, the more you have.  Maya Angelou
Coleus, a favorite. This is an interesting one, those little dots you see, on the leaves, are actually green. At first I thought I had a white fly infestation. With sun exposure the spots are becoming more pronounced. Hold the spray!

Today was rather interesting. Early morning is my time to inspect the little garden beds, pull a weed or two and check the growth of the zucchini and tomatoes. Well the tomato plants are duds. Not sure what is going on there, however, the zucchini, mama mia, stand back because that one plant has taken over the world! 
So on my normal constitutional through the garden I was attacked by about 12 very angry birds. Just like an Alfred Hitchcock movie, they started dive bombing my head. They came from a Rhodedron plant nearby where one of the pairs had a nest in early Spring. Something happened to that nest, the little bird eggs disappeared one night. So now they seem to have turned it into some kind of Robin fortress. There was one Cardinal in the group, perched on top of the tomato cage watching the whole thing. Living on the literal edge of a wooded 50+ acres provides endless creature entertainment, today, I was the entertainmentšŸ˜Ž 
  • Even on days when I have nothing great to show you from the sewing room, I have discovered that sorting out all these little things in my head is good for my head. Thus I continue.
  • My Lucy is a little better, I started her wearing little rubber doggie shoes on her back legs, it gives her traction on the hardwood floors. She tolerates them very well, sounds like she is wearing swim fins when she walks. Glop...squeek....glop....squeek!
  • For some reason I felt the need for a lottery ticket, I never have the urge for a lottery ticket. If this is some sort of providential sign I'll let you know. Somewhere along the line I need some good luck here. 
  • I broke a dinner plate from the good china today. First piece ever broken from that 48 year old set. Thankfully, Replacements LTD had what I needed. Yes, I use the good china, the good linens the good whatever. Why have it if you are not going to use it?
  • I miss my friend, she has been gone three months now. She was my Sister, we did so much together over the years. We had plans to grow old together haunting antique shops, craft fairs etc. Not fair I tell you, just not fair. She deserved better.


ELMO said...

It isn't fair :>《

But I think we're both wondering what you're going to spend your lottery money on ;)

celkalee said...

Well, you were in line for some tile work for the bathrooms but since I didn't win, didn't even have one number on three tickets you might as well just carry on. If I get the urge again, I'll let you know :)

ELMO said...

Whew, dodged a bullet then you would have robbed me the delight of tiling ;)

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