Sunday, April 30, 2017

A Little Tool Time Information

Hello there. I've been tweedling around and playing with Ms. Destiny and all those advanced functions. Good grief, I need lots of training. Anyway, in the middle of this experimentation I remembered that I picked up a new rotary cutter weeks ago. Gave it a spin.
Not so keen on the cutting part of quilting, I am always on the search for the next toy. I have mentioned how fond I am of the Kai Scissors and this cutter is the bomb! No blade to retract, it extends with a little pressure on the cutting surface and retracts when it's lifted. No fingers missing, no fiddling around, just cut and close. 
  • I am watching Call the Midwife, on PBS as I type this. I have seen it from the beginning, wonderful series. 
  • I need to do some inventory work in the stash. I have it all stashed by color but it is really sort of messy right now. Items added, randomly, and the resulting chaos. How do you organize your stash"
  • Several friends of mine had amazing quilts in the TRQ show this week. One in particular made a point of using stash fabrics for two of these amazing quilts. I was so, so impressed. As soon as the photo's are available I will share. Since my camera was MIA I didn't take any. Rats!
  • Here is the link that will take you to the 2016 winners, just click.

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