Tuesday, January 10, 2017

The Winter Snuggle and a Cup of Tea

Winter Birds Image
Image courtesy Graphics Fairy

As we embrace the frigid beauty of Winter, I am always charmed by the beautiful woodland birds that visit. We have a large bush populated with Rose Hips that they love. Yesterday the bush seemed to have more birds than berries. 

The current snuggle blanket is in slow but sure mode. Using the lovely wool reminds me of my favorite Agatha Christie movies where she always had some knitting in her hands. I scan the "On Demand" feature on my television looking for re-runs!

Now on to The Tuesday Tea. Today we are enjoying a lovely tea from a local purveyor, Prestogeorge in the Strip District in the city of Pittsburgh. This blend is Blood Orange. It is sweet, spicy and infused with blood orange. A wonderful pick-me-up mid-afternoon. 

I have a small collection of glass figures. This sweet little rooster is a gift, from my Dear Son for Christmas 2010. It is labeled Global Village Glass. I cherish it. It reminds me of him and the sense of humor that lifted us all. 

I like using White China in mid-Winter. It seems to enhance the desolate beauty of  the landscape. 
The first cup is a Lenox piece, the Hallmark is "Special."  It is an off white color with gold trim. I am not sure when I received this or bought it. It is part of the large collection.  

The second  cup is white with gold trim. It has a Chinese Hallmark and the script is Chinese. 

Have a lovely day, don't forget to take a few minutes for yourself and of course a cup of tea. 

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