Thursday, January 19, 2017

In My Defense.....

A damp and chilly Western Pennsylvania Morning.
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Valaise Blacknose Sheep
 Can you believe how sweet these sheep are?

Just wanted to pop in to let you know the lull in Sewtopia is purely technical. I am in the process of transferring files and building some needed background information in the new computer. What a fuss! Wish I had people. 

If there is nothing new here for a few days I apologize and know that I am working on it. 

  • no matter how easy the "computer people" tell me the transition is....I think they just say that and then giggle!
  • weeding through a thousand or so photo's one wonders...what to save, what to discard, what to do?
  • so much rain here, our driveway drain is now a 2 foot ditch threatening to draw you down to the cliff. time for the big guns to come in with the big equipment, was not planning that.
  • when the dear Lucy has a restless night....we all have a restless night. At almost 16 years old, she is permitted.  


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ELMO said...

Oh, those sheep are so cute, I want.

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