Monday, November 7, 2016

What to Do?

Seeking calm.
a peaceful display
Well, we're back. At least for a while until I see what happens with the numbers. I changed the blog format and cleaned up some old features. I hope it is an easy read for you. So this is sort of a test.

Sometimes I just stop at the Phipps Conservatory just to stroll and take in the positive energy that I sense there. How can I recreate this in my garden? Well, first I have to find a new home for the Deer!!!

Recent posts on several blogs and some commercial sites are focusing on the organization of one's sewing space. From little cubbies in a small apartment to large stand-alone studio's organization is key to being a productive Sewist. I struggle to keep it all in line. I have re-arranged my space many times and I think it is time to work out a new plan. While furniture designed specifically for sewing machines etc. are ideal I find the cost rather prohibitive. I can't see plunking down $3000 for a desk, no matter how much storage it has. I am an IKEA girl. Works for me.

Things I need to work out,  the top 3:
  •  Right now my biggest issue is the full size ironing board. It really bogs up the space when open so I leave it down unless absolutely necessary. 
  •  I moved my large cutting table to the garage. When I need to open it fully I move my car and work there. Less than ideal, really. 
  •  My sewing/resting chair. It is an older recliner, has some issues with the mechanism. Should I toss it or not. I have memories attached to that chair. Our big guard dog, Auggie, was terrified of thunder. We would go there during a storm and he would crawl up in my lap until the storm or night. That is why the chair is broken, it was never mean to hold a person and a 140 lb dog. 

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