Friday, November 11, 2016

My Transition Team: We Make a Scissor Fob

Lucy remains camera shy. After multiple snaps, this is as good as I could get. She has had so much excitement lately, she is tired and wants me to respect her privacy. (((insert smile here))) Meeting some new people and cousins Stewart and Bradly visiting have left her a bit swoony!

So we did some different things today. We picked the ending crop of hot, and I mean as hot as the devil, peppers and some thyme. There is much more to wrap up in the garden and I hope tomorrow is not a rain day.
Hot, hot, hot. The name is Inferno.
 While rooting around in the drawer where I store my kitchen towel blanks for machine embroidery, I came upon this little box with some beading supplies. Lets be clear, I don't bead and I am not sure why I have these but I decided I needed a fob for my snips.
I am always loosing these snips. My Destiny has an automatic cutter but all the other machines are manual cut. I know, I adjust! Anyway, I thought these little beads would work out well.
 I even had some Silver wire in that little box so I cut a length, about 12 inches, folded it in half, and threaded that little purple bumpy bead on it down to the fold mark. I threaded the rest on the doubled wire and popped a couple Silver rings between a few.

Then using my trusty hemostats I wrapped that wire around the Silver clip and then clipped the clip to the snips. sounds a little like Dr. Seuss:)
A sparkly fob for the season!

Have a lovely weekend.  


Gayle said...

I have scissor snips like those - great little fob will help you keep track of it!

celkalee said...

Thanks Gayle, I have spent way too much time looking for these! Then tend to get lost under little piles of fabric, hopefully this will help.

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