Saturday, November 19, 2016

All That Christmas Fabric!

 free tutorial here!

Good morning Sewists! As you can see I can type again, yippee! No small feat I tell you. More about that later.So here we have a quickie/no-sew project that I found on Facebook that might help you use up all that stash of Christmas fabric. Here is my scenario. I go to a quilt shop, in June. The new fabrics are arriving from market and I am smitten. I have great plans for covering all chairs in my home and in Mondo with Christmas quilts. Oh, it does not stop there my pretties!

Next comes the Fall Quilt Shows............the samples are made..........they are calling out to you.............You Can Get This Done Before Christmas. Yes you can. The result? More fabric.

So, even after gifting and donating most of my Christmas stash there is still a bit hanging around. Let's face it, I do not have the time to make a Christmas Quilt right now. This little wreath, on the other hand, is do-able. '

Clink on the link for the tutorial to see the other samples in the post.  

* now my pain from arthritis treatment. Have you ever heard of Revive Light Therapy? It is a little wand-type apparatus that provides warm deep penetrating heat to an area. Now, the area is only about 3 inches in diameter but it does seem to work for me. Touted as similar to a device used in a chiropractors office, I have had mine for a couple years. I tend to moan and groan for a while before I remember to dig it out and use it. Shame on me. I bought in on QVC. It is not cheap. I found   the same-looking devices online at Kohl's and Target. The advertisement lists several other uses for the product. I use it for arthritis pain. I am not compensated in any way but felt the need to share. Take from this what you wish. 

I have a secret weapon for the arthritis discomfort.  

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