Monday, October 10, 2016

Uh Huh, Here's Another One, Panel Quilt I mean

We all have our little sewing quirks, right? Well here is one of mine. This deathly spindle is an antique found in a 100 year old house we lived in years ago, in Omaha. Used in offices and little shops to store receipts etc. I have two of them. I use them to anchor my thread spool when I am hand quilting, like you have to do when sewing bindings on lots of little quilts. It is very sharp at the end so I have to be careful.
See  what I mean? I park my thimble there too, I keep losing thimbles.
OK, so here's another thing. I ran out of black thread needed to attach the binding on this one! Who runs out of black thread? I'm asking you! This thread is older than dirt, found it in a packed away sewing box from a family member who passed away 20 years ago. I hope it isn't dry rotted and the bindings all slip off the quilt over night:)
I used a spider web design on this one and enhanced it with a large stipple.
 I find that wall quilts hang better and have more of a dimension if they have more dense quilting. They don't need to be supple and cozy. They need to be more rigid, more stable on the wall.

 I know that some quilters still pooh-pooh machine quilting. Oh well. I love to machine quilt, I like to finish projects and not work on them for years, but I certainly respect and admire those who still are ardent hand quilters. I find that they don't always share that with machine quilters. Rather sad, we are all quilting sisters. We should stick together. Oh well. Get over it!

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