Sunday, October 9, 2016

Panel Wall Quilts, Here We Go Again!

Promises, promises.....I did tell a friend that I would share this so here it is. The recent resurgence in popularity of the Panel quilts brings me back to the 1980's. I remember picking up about 50 of the darn things, used few, gave them all away. Now, the new panels are far superior in color quality and print clarity. This one is a Henry Glass design.

Mr. Sewtopia is a Halloween guy, always has been. He chose this one. I layered it like any other quilt, the batting is a cotton Warm and Natural. I used one of the Edge to Edge designs from Amalie Scott Designs, it is pumpkins and vines.

 I hooped with one of those big magnetic hoops (expensive to buy but really great to use) and had to do 9 hoopings for this project. Yes, 9. Of course, the machine did all the work, the hoop held everything together nicely. Each hooping took only 3 minutes to sew out on my Destiny.  I also traced some decorative stitches down the side where I messed up and didn't line the hoop up correctly. Works for me.

The black binding is made from some black 2 1/2 inch Kona cotton strips sewn together. May I just say that I will need to spend some time cleaning up the lint from those pink-edged black strips, just saying. I have a little quilt hanger to hold the whole deal up.

Do I sound a little peeved? Could be because he bought me 4 more to do, oh my oh my:)

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