Thursday, September 15, 2016

Show and Tell with the Ladies of the Cloth

I have mentioned many times that having a group of like-minded souls who create and share is the bonus of leading a life punctuated with artistic pursuits. At our regular Tuesday gatherings, this group shares the most amazing items. I share them here because they deserve the light of day. For most of us the 'Show Circuit' is a personal one.
Linda Sue shared her current project, so cute.

Linda Sue, has a Sue!!!
Our Marilyn is an expert knitter. As evidenced by the beautiful cardigan here, she explained that she received the yarn for the sweater and the fabric for the wool skirt as a Christmas gift from her Mother. That was some time ago.  Both pieces are beautiful.

Our newest member, Barbra, is a bag maker extraordinaire! She made this one from one of Jenny's stunning hand dyed fabric. Beautiful.
Pockets on both sides and each end provide organizational space for the user.

Mary Jane shared another miniature quilt. This was made from orphan blocks picked up at the Three Rivers Quilt Guild flea market, Nothing toes to waste with Mary Jane....and I mean nothing. She holds on to all sorts of things. So does her husband. See below.

I bet you can't guess this one! It is cool to the touch, remarkably heavy for its size. It is a piece of 2 million year old petrified wood. Mary Jane's husband is an expert gemologist. He has all sorts of neat stuff. You just never know what will show up at a Ladies of the Cloth gathering. Know what I mean?

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