Saturday, September 10, 2016

Quilting, New Technique-Fold and Sew

 Before I start on the body of this post I wanted to share a little modification. You know, I love the little Baby Lock Rachel. She is smaller, light weight, does a beautiful straight stitch, has multiple decorative stitches and has a speed and needle down feature. Whew! But, and this is a big but, The lighting sort of leaves a lot to be desired. Below is my girl with her lights on. See what I mean?
We have light, just over the bobbin cover and hanging around the needle but saints preserve us. I'll be going off the seam over and over if this is the only light source. There is a large flourescent light above this desk and that is still not enough.
Enter the battery operated LED puck light. Costco, 10 I think, for $20. This is the same ones I perched on the sit down long arm quilter. It sort of looks like a little boobie here but it does improve my visibility. I tried it in several areas and it was in the way. Here it is OK. Wanted to share.
Now on to the quilty part. I found a little video on Facebook this morning. I really didn't expect much from it to tell the truth. I thought it would be an adaptation of something else. Wrong. The longer I watched the more the pile of 10 inch and 5 inch precuts I have stashed away called to me. Here is what I did.

10 inch square pre-cut: a layer cake
press in half (this should be wrong sides together, the photo is wrong here)
press in half again, you now have a the 10 inch square pressed marked in to fourths.
Here is your 5 inch square:  a charm square 
do the same press markings, press in half (this should be right side out)
press in half again, now it is in fourths as well

Now, place the charm square atop the layer cake square, line up the horizontal and vertical press marks.

Still with me? Now fold the top down over the charm square. make sure that top edge of the charm square is covered, press, secure with clip or pin.
Now do the same with the bottom. Fold it up and make sure the edge of the 5 inch square is covered. Now the magic happens. Using your standard 1/4 inch seam (not a scant 1/4) stitch the edges, top and bottom. When you open it up, you will have enclosed the top and bottom of the charm square and you will have enclosed seams on the back of your block!
Press your block well, the seams tend to favor an outward direction. Then do the same treatment to the other two sides of the block. Fold the large block over the small one, press, pin, stitch and press again. Now, without cutting all kinds of little pieces you have a Square in a Square Type of Block. 
I know, neat, huh? Please watch the video, Peg explains it so much better and she gives you several other ways to manipulate the process to make other blocks. Duly impressed I am. No raw edges.
  •  After making a few practice blocks, I prepped the whole package of layer cake and charm squares. They are all ready to sew. 
  • Because the back seams are all enclosed and finished this would work well for an unlined/not quilted table covering. 
  • The fabric is Paisley Park by Kansas Troubles Quilters for Moda. 
  • When I get to the next step, I'll show you what I plan.

Peg Spradlin makes a Fold and Sew Quilt
*Baby Lock Rachel Sewing Machine, Purchased at Gloria Horn Sewing Studio's, Mt. Lebanon, Pa. No compensation received or implied just a great dealer who provides a quality product and supports your purchase from beginning to end. Thanks G. 


ELMO said...

My old serger has the same light as Rachel, I need to flood the room with light to use it. Hmmm you could french seam those finished blocks to join them for a clean finish back :)

celkalee said...

Reading my mind. Was thinking the same thing. For a table runner or something smaller than a quilt I think that would work well. or a nice clean serged seam.

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