Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Block of the Month, Secret Garden, Block One

Can you see that white dust all over my Spring? Last week 70's, this week.....snow. Welcome to Pennsylvania!

I think I mentioned in a prior post that I signed up for another Block of the Month. I have mixed feelings about the whole BOM process. First, I love learning from an experienced quilter and thoroughly enjoy being able to focus on one block at a time. Now, most often the BOM's are a little more intricate than what I have been doing lately. I readily admit to going easy for the last two years or so. I like the quick finish and the satisfaction of finishing...period. But now it is time to do a little more focused work, at least once a month :)
Number one, done.
That brings me to this project. The Secret Garden BOM, by Pat Sloan, is being taught by Cindy at Gloria Horn Sewing Studio's in Mt. Lebanon. I have taken a few classes with Cindy and I am always learning something. That's the idea, right?

Now truth be told, I am not sure about the fabrics. These are Pat's fabrics. I am not sure if this block is my cup of tea and it was a stinker, I have to say. Even the instructor commented on the fussiness of this block. Whew! It is not just me. I think what bothers me with this block is the mixture of primary colors, pastels, a neon and a word print. I think that is the thing.  

So, here we have block number one. Finished.
As a center block, I think this is OK.
See what I mean about the colors???
I will share the next block with the different fabrics from the line, you can make your own decision.

Cindy's words of wisdom:
  • A finished quilt is better than a perfect quilt. Hear that.
  • One or two threads off your stitching line can turn into a big mistake in the finished block. Totally agree.
  • Square up each unit before moving on to combining block to block. So true, ask me how I know that!
  • Use Fabric Sizing on washed fabric and Best Press on unwashed fabric to stabilize bias seams.
  • Lay out your block and confirm design before sewing units together. This is so helpful when piecing intricate blocks with multiple pieces. 
Pat Sloan, Secret Garden, Block of the Month

video-how to hang small quilts and art quilts...brilliant!

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