Monday, March 7, 2016

Machine Embroidered Linen

Hello! Easter is approaching and I wanted to replace some of my linens. For my own use and for gifts, I like to make bread basket covers and table coverings. I use a white table cloth most often and use a hemstitched linen piece for the center of the table, small flower arrangements sit to each side.

There was a time when cultured ladies spent their evenings by the fire working on their fine embroidery skills to produce linens and clothing items that were exquisite. Hand embroidery is not a lost art, many continue to practice their stitches, many are new to the art and some, like me, try but just can't produce the quality that I require. I so respect their skill. 

This motif is a built-in design in my Unity embroidery machine. The stitch out takes 22 minutes and one color of thread. I chose a champagne colored off-white on this white linen piece. I also used a light-weight tear away stabilizer. The finished size is approximately 6 inches by 8 inches.

In progress.
Embroidery thread, lots of embroidery thread. A tower of 9 drawer units contains these speciality threads. I chose not to keep them out on spool racks because of dust and deterioration from light. I prefer this method because I sometimes go long periods without using them and I like having them sorted into color families. Not the most attractive corner of the studio but highly functional.

I have a few more gift pieces in progress. The magic of machine embroidery is the quality of the work and the speed with which the Sewist can accomplish her projects. Another studio day is planned for today, I love it when I am on a roll!!!!!!!!!

*are you as busy on a Monday as I am? Soup, chili, stews work well for me. I like to add some cornbread to round out the meal. Pop on over to Kitchen Chronicles to see my new recipe for Jalapeno and Cheese Cornbread HERE! 


Jeanneke said...

I am in total admiration.

celkalee said...

Dear Friend, can you even imagine the skill required to do this by hand? I have seen some antique pieces that were breath taking but I will stick to the machine-cheater version!

Jeanneke said...

My mother, born in 1925, made her own trousseau with bedsheets embroidered in Richelieu technique.
Really amazingly beautiful en of a very long-lasting quality. She married in 1951 and the bedsheets made it through the 80's, though intensively used.
Sweet and precious memories.
Thank you for this post, it makes these memories pop up clearly, making me happy.


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