Saturday, February 6, 2016

Week-end Wishes

No big fancy Saturday share today. Well, not sewing/arts/craft shares anyway. Instead I found this for you. I found two old rolls of 35 mm film while sorting out my desk. I was surprised to find that they were Christmas 2009 and Snowmageddon 2010. Stunning snow scenes, heart breaking damage to our home, (the entire front facade had to be rebuilt and replaced from ice damage, long story) photo's of the dogs having a great time and a few painful pictures of our Dear Son, now passed. 

So from this share, life lessons. In spite of the shoveling etc. of snow, it is beautiful. It does make everything magical and pristine. Respect the snow, driving and walking can be dangerous on slippery surfaces. Record your life in photos and journals. You never know when your life will change, dramatically. And most of all find the beauty of nature to enhance your life, see it, breathe it, smell it. Embrace the season you are in, the next one is right around the corner!

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Jeanneke said...

Beautiful post! Thanks for sharing.

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