Sunday, February 28, 2016

The Wardrobe Project, 2016-Building From Your Core Neutrals

Daily dressing is sometimes such a chore. That is why I subscribe to the core wardrobe philosophy. Building the core from a dark and a light neutral makes sense to me. I don't want to be fussing around on a daily basis because I have better things to do. Now, for special events I do make/buy something special or one of a kind but since those events are few and far between these days even that has become sort of a uniform.

In a recent post, Janice, of the Vivienne Files Blog, clearly illustrates how to build the core from a navy blue dark neutral and a white/off white light neutral. She starts with using common items you may already have in your wardrobe and building from there. The color wheel shows the accent colors she has chosen for this model.
You can easily substitute your accent colors in this block.

Above, this is the full compilation of pieces but the magic happens when you study the process of building the wardrobe.  I am going to print the pages and use them as a guide in my journal. (I need to buy a new printer, uggggg, two printers bit the dust in the last couple weeks.)  Scheduled obsolescence I think!

***Keep on sewing ladies, Spring is just around the corner in the Northern Hemisphere and Fall in the Southern. Season change is always a bit tricky when the weather mixes things up. A nice little jacket is always on the menu, yes?

thanks again Janice :)

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