Sunday, January 3, 2016

The Wardrobe Project, 2016 and Downton Abbey

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You have to know where I am going with this, yes? Well, this is it, the final season, can it be? I resisted seeing the final season before it aired here because the anticipation is so much fun. I enjoy the story line (usually) the intricacies of the plots and all but glory be...the clothes! Since season one I have been fascinated with the costuming. Not just for the women above stairs but below stairs and the men as well. This season promises to be a winner in that department. I find the cut of the clothing so definitive per decade but the embellishments on the evening clothes are absolutely amazing. Fabric treatments also add a special and exclusive touch for any garment.

What does this have to do with our project, a lot! Gathering inspiration is the fun part to me. I came upon an interesting Threads article that I think will work into my plan sometime this year. It is the ability to personalize your garments that make the process worthwhile.

Threads November 2013, Issue # 169. The name of the article is Scrap Lace, by Mary Ray. 
   Used on the yoke of this simple little dress or blouse, the embellished 'lace' adds total style to the garment. The entire article is available to read and downloadable if you wish to save it HERE!

What do you think? I think it is charming. This could be just sleeves or yoke and sleeves too.
  • How is your project coming? 
  • Due to this nasty illness I am already behind! I have a few items to finish from 2015 and then I can jump in. I already know what I am going to do. 
  • Do not stress. If there is one thing I have learned doing my self-imposed challenges, it will get done! Eventually.  
  • If you are a Downton watcher don't forget to have your Planning Journal with you to write down ideas and/or sketch a piece that might work for you. 
  • I have my teapot polished, the menu set and I am ready, ready, ready. 
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I am also getting the urge to move an antique dressing table in my room. Right now it is languishing in a spare bedroom. Problem? no handles. I need to work on that. In addition I am preparing to change the color scheme in the room to Winter white and French blue. I really need a staff of upstairs and downstairs servants. I was born in the wrong era, the wrong financial class too :)

My pencils are sharpened, my pages are tabbed and ready to go. See you then!

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