Saturday, January 16, 2016

My SAturday Share: Returning to My Most Efficient Routines for the Studio!

Since I only have a million 'irons in the literal fire' I have decided to add another, I start my Bonsai classes in early March!
Now to the subject at hand. There was a time, about 4 years ago, that I had a great set of routines that served me well in the studio. It is time to re-visit those routines and to get back on the proverbial horse. I love to be efficient and productive and if you have a certain way of doing things you know how I feel.

I mentioned that I am a full 7 to 10 days behind in projects I had planned for the week between Christmas and New Year and so on Saturday, I jumped back in. The right medications have halted my arthritic issues and the Bug from Hell is on the wane.

I have traditionally used Saturday afternoon to do the prep for the week of sewing ahead. This week I cut out 6 aprons. I work at my church's fish fry every week in lent and my aprons from last year are pretty worn so it was time. Lent starts February 10th. I cut out and sewed 6 aprons this week. The pattern is a standard chef's apron, original pattern lost years ago, this is a copy of a copy! I tweaked things a bit this session. I cut the bib section top width one inch wider then made two tucks, each one inch that brought the top in 2 inches smaller over all. Better fit over the "girls."  I have added darts in the past but I think I like this better. This fabric was a find while on vacation last Summer. 
Please excuse the background, it is where Bertie lives. Please remember this is a working studio and this is right after I finished my sewing spree! It is a mess.

Can you see how these little tucks improve the fit?
I added 5 rows of channel stitching on the top edge of the pocket. Keeps it from drooping.
Some found Chambray in the stash trimmed with 2 inch jelly roll left overs.
A nice little garden-y fruit pattern, Joann's.

A stylized floral decorator fabric, Joann's. Even though this was meant to be curtain fabric, I like making aprons with this and washing softens the fabric and gives it a nice soft texture.  Photo is pre-wash, a bit stiff.
Another decorator fabric, French theme. Joann's. Pre-wash. 
There is another chambray apron with giant rick-rac trim, it is in the wash!

I also finished cutting a tumbler quilt with my Go Cutter. You know I love that thing. Thoughtful pre-cutting sized strips of fabric before feeding them into the machine minimizes fabric waste.
All cut and ready to go. After a major clean-up I am hoping I find the pattern that I planned to use. Somewhere along the line it got packed with something else, I think. Two steps forward, one step backward!

 Next Saturday will be cutting time for the first block of Wardrobe Project pieces. I have changed patterns twice, by next week there may be another change!
  • Do you have a routine that is efficient? Would you like to share?
  • My goal to reduce the visual clutter in the Studio is still itching at me. I am thinking about putting a curtain over my bookcase. It is jam packed and there is nothing else that I want to purge and it is still messy. 
  • Miss Lucy was very upset when I wheeled my cutting table into the space that is normally hers. She pulled a Joann's bag off the doorknob in the back of the room, ripped it to shreds and started to work on the Insulbrite contained therein! She is 13 and only one other time in her doggie life has she ever acted out this way. Wagging her tail the entire time. Delinquent Dog! 
  • Moda recently published their top  15 quilts of 2015, there are some real winners in this group. Click here for the photo's and directions!


Jeanneke said...

Oh, your aprons are great!! This is my favourite model, made quite some of them already over the years, with matching potholders, a bread basket cover or a tea cosy :>) All depending on the amount of fabric, ofcourse.
I love your creative and frugal use of jelly roll strips!
Cheers and may you have a wonderful weekend,


celkalee said...

Thank You so much. Nothing like a quick and easy make to get the sewing juices going! Yesterday I picked up some really cute fabric to make more for some friends. I will post them when they are done.

Hope you are resting and feeling better.