Wednesday, December 2, 2015

The Wardrobe Project, 2016: Considering the Anchor Piece

These little posts, the mid-week updates, are meant to provoke your thinking. In providing examples of what I want to do I hope to tickle your creative juices to consider options that otherwise may not have passed your radar. I am tossing ideas around again. My anchor piece for the first wardrobe block might be a jacket or it might be a simple long sleeve dress.
AM/PM Sweater Dress, Imperial Purple, large
A sweater dress may be stretching the season for this first block but I have some sweater knits in the closet that need a purpose.
Floral Mesh Knit Dress, Blue, large
This style of dress is always popular from this retailer. While I would likely not use a print like this, a knit fabric is well suited for the cut and drape here. 

Effortless Fit-n-Flare Dress, Wine, large
This is a three season dress for me. The fitting lines of this dress might be just what I am looking for. While this is a popular color right now I do not have this in my stash and I am trying to sew from that collection of fabric.

  •  Even though these dresses have 3/4 or long sleeves they are suitable for me in my geographic area most likely until early May.
  • Remember, this project will help you choose core wardrobe pieces that you can carry season to season with confidence.  
  • For cold weather, meaning for the Fall/Winter 2016 block, a jacket, vest or sweater will enhance and support a choice like this.
  • Depending on jewelry and accessories, this dress has great versatility. 
  • Because dresses like these have sewing pattern equivalents, if I do not have it in the collection I will like be able to find something very similar.   
These dresses are from Coldwater Creek's Online Store. They no long have brick and mortar stores. 

I will sketch these out in my Journal. So many ideas, so little time :) 

Here is a great post from Desigh U about Classic Style and suble pattern alterations that will serve you well, particularly if you are sewing

Have you ever read the Martha Moments Blog? Take a look at how Anthropologie styled their Christmas Windows in NYC. Some fashion forward ideas here than can work for all ages!

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