Thursday, December 10, 2015

For the Wardrobe Builders, This and That

While I am doing some holiday preparations I want you to know that my wee brain is still ticking off ideas for our project. I am thinking about paper. 1.)My journal is the compilation of ideas and process. 2.) I sometimes need to sketch out details on grid paper. 3.) And if you are doing any alternations (and who isn't right?) you will also need larger sheets of paper. I buy the rolls of sketch paper, in the children's section, at IKEA. I have been using the same roll for several years.
Available at all office supplies stores. you may prefer a different grid measurement, that is your choice. I prefer this because I can map out details easily. I tape these little grids right into my journal to keep as reference. 
Consider all your options. Be deliberate in your process. Take your time. Learn from those who share their mistakes and their wins. Here are three amazing bloggers who share information that may help you, inspire you or influence your project!
Meg Carter of McCalls patterns teaches her method of making a quilted garment.

Claire of Sewing Artistry discusses the timeless topic: to muslin or not to muslin.

A provocative post from Julia Bobbin about what you make, what you wear, and what you never wear. Lessons here. 

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