Friday, December 18, 2015

Another This and That for the Sewist: Quilter, Garment Maker, Crafter

Byer's Choice Lady, Merry Christmas.

Lets briefly discuss planning and record keeping. If you are a quilter making the label is very important. As a slacker myself, I am starting to realize that I need to be more diligent with this. I have some pre-printed cutesy labels that I picked up somewhere along the line at a Shop Hop. But if you have even basic embroidery capabilities on your machine, you can make your own label and even personalize it if it is going to be a gift.
A wonderful gift from a Dear Friend years ago.

As a garment maker you may choose to label or not. I used to, even had nice little pre-printed labels made but quite frankly they itched. Drove me nuts and I took them all out I haven't labeled for a long time and likely will not. However, I do like to keep track of what I make for general information, for specific information in case I want to re-make a pattern and the adjustments I made. This is where my journal comes in handy.
Even found a blank page, wonderful! While this is designed for the hand embroiderer, the concept is what I am looking for. My Journal for The Wardrobe Project, 2016 will be a little different than my journals of the past. My intention is to prepare a new outline and post it here. Your tracking pages may be entirely different. That is just fine, we are all approaching this in our own way, or you can borrow bits and pieces from another source.

Keeping a calendar helps me plan my week. Like most I need to plan my sewing around the rest of my life. We all have responsibilities that impinge on our time so each of us needs to find a time block or a routine that will let you complete your projects. I enjoy planning my week on my calendar and crossing tasks off as the week goes along. Feelings of accomplishment are essential to the creative artist. I also make lists of any item I need to find or purchase during my errand day. If I find myself sleepless and sewing I do not want to run out of thread, elastic or interfacing!

Click this link to visit On Sutton Place Blog. Anne has designed a beautiful calendar you could print and incorporate in your journal. These pages are free and fun.

If your are participating in The Wardrobe Project, 2016, planning and record keeping is an important part of the process. You would likely not want to be flash sewing a Winter Coat in November, you want that to be done in Block #3, July, August, September. When those first chilly winds blow your coat will be ready to make its debut.

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