Saturday, December 19, 2015

A Saturday Share for Quilters, The Studio Star

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Hello and good tidings to everyone out there, including those who eschew needle and thread! 

For those who sew, this is deadline time for gifts...don't we know!  No matter how well we plan there is always a little project or two that gets stalled. 

Today I wanted to share a nice little video from Jenny Doan. When you look at this sweet, traditional block quilt you likely moan"....not more half square triangles!!!" Well my little chickies, do not be dismayed. There are NONE in this quilt. Take a look at the video and you will see how Jenny makes this charmer with squares, rectangles, and snowballs!   
  • Have you planned your first quilt project for 2016?
  • Have you ever used Jelly Rolls to make a quilt?
Have you ever watched any of Jenny's videos? If not, follow the subsequent ones on this channel to watch her magic. She deconstructs all kinds of blocks and makes them easier for the rest of us. Thank You Jenny!
Here you go......................

Missouri Star Quilt Company-Studio Star

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