Sunday, November 22, 2015

The Wardrobe Project 2016: Your Journal, Your Measurements, Your Pattern Stash

Gertie has brought Vintage style to the current market, Her blog is a study in style and design, check it out here.

Here we are another week has flown by and we are creeping up on Thanksgiving this week. The good thing? I sort of lost track of time and I thought it was coming last week so I am essentially a week ahead! How great is that? 

So, are you thinking about doing this? It is a little daunting I agree, for me too. I haven't made too many garments in the last three years and I need to do a major body analysis. It's not good. As the result of reduced physical activity secondary to arthritis I have gained weight and it has settled in odd places. Think Pillsbury Dough Boy:) Well, you get the idea.

This might not be the best week to do measurements but it is important. If you are really ambitious you can make a fitting muslin. Lots of work puppies, but worthwhile if you plan to do a lot of fitted garments. I don't, I won't, I will only muslin tricky segments if and when the occasion demands.  The audience for muslin vs. no muslin is a controversial one. You do what you think works best for you.

The assignment for this week is not so hard because it is a Holiday week.

  • Did you get your notebook? Have you decided to document in another format? What ever works for you but you will be more engaged if you journal your ideas and process. One of my favorite Journaling prompts is to do some free-range thinking on page one. Essentially, I am writing to myself explaining what I am doing, how I plan to do it and that I commit to completing x-number of items per season. Goals dear Sewists, we are defining our goals, short term and long term.
  • Get out that tape measure and get to work. Write it down. Put a date on that page too. Reference your favorite sewing book to learn how to measure and where.  No matter what pattern you use it is likely that you will need to make adjustments and these measurements are essential baseline. Simplicity Creative Group measurement guide.  or  What about this one? or this one   From the Curvy Sewing Collective. I use Nancy Zieman's method. If you go to her website she is currently running a new series on measurements. I have used it, it works. Copyright issues prevent me from linking so just google it, OK?  
  • And last but not least let us inventory our current pattern stash. I have go-to patterns that I have used time and again. I may or may not use some of these. I have many more that I have purchased with good intent, they are waiting for their moment in the sun. For this first block of our building block wardrobe it is important to know what you already have. You don't have to choose yet, just revisit the money you have already invested for future reference. 
Want to Sew Like a Pro? Read this article I found on the McCall patterns blog.

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