Monday, October 26, 2015

The Halloween Tree in Sewtopia

Halloween is like cotton candy to a sugar addict when it come to Mr. Sewtopia. He has great memories of Trick or Treating and everything that goes with it. As a result, it is his favorite (not faith based) holiday. You would think that the passion might have passed by now but no, not even a little bit. Therefore, we have a Halloween tree. I know. Bear with me.

It is a ratty little stick tree that I fill in with garlands, leaves, lights, and decoration. Here is a sample of this little tree, it sits in the family room, beside the fireplace.
  Not the best picture I'm afraid but I hope you can get the idea.
Another Woolie, this time a cat.
Most of the decorations are handmade. This guy is an over-dyed craft felt.
This metal ball has a bell inside.
 A paper mache' ball. Most of these ornaments are hand made and collected in gift shops and craft fairs over the last 25 years.
So cute!
One of many rusty stars.
Mr. even has a Halloween quilt to cuddle under.

All righty then, till next time. Toodles. And by the way, today is our 46th Wedding Anniversary.


Jeanneke said...

Happy 46th. Anniversary!!
That also means at least 45 shared (happy) Halloweens so far :>)


ELMO said...

Happy anniversary!

That paper machete ornament looks like Boots. Do you get many trick or treaters?

celkalee said...

Thank You Jeanneke and Elmo! Unfortunately we don't get any Trick or Treaters anymore. No one wants to walk up the long, long driveway into the dark woods teeming with wildlife! It does get legitimately spooky here in the dark. Seems a shame, yes?

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