Friday, October 23, 2015

Some Fall Decor in Sewtopia

The Fall Mantle in Sewtopia has been redecorated with the Eldreth Pottery high shoulder jugs and some pieces of salt glaze Westerwald Pottery. Add some orange twinkle lights, some orange pip berries and few pieces of pewter and we have greeted the Season in our own way. Bringing the colors of the Harvest season indoors has been a tradition here for as long as I can remember. As the daylight wanes the color adds a bright note to our evenings.

Ah.....the refreshing sight and scent of faux apples and gourds in a wooden bowl. Another sign of the season.  These apples have been on the scene for many years. They never turn brown or rot :)

The cross stitch shelf got a little treatment as well.  I enjoy the little things, my Son calls it 'festive.' I'm not sure about that but we enjoy entertaining friends and family at this time of year. Nothing like some home made soup or stew and fresh bread and rolls. A comfortable and cozy time to enjoy each others lives while feeling the warmth of a home cooked meal and a little fire in the fireplace.

And here is Mrs. Boo, she and the child are waiting for the trick or treaters. We don't ever get the little spooky characters so they may have a long wait. The Woolies have been collected over many years. Each hand made and fashioned with clothes and decorations that define the season.

Even the teapots have a bit of Fall color.

Nothing fancy, most of the decorations are very old, collected over my lifetime. May you also experience the joys of the season in your own way, this is mine.


ELMO said...

Woo lies are so cute! Next year you should will have to be my decoration consultant.

celkalee said...

Gladly! One of these days I will need to cull the collections. The pottery is near and dear and Son is a collector as well. When he looked at all the latest additions last week his comment was that he will need to build more shelves!