Sunday, October 4, 2015

Quilting the Channels and Cross-Hatches

Fall signals the time of year when our quilt guild gathers the members service quilts. Mary Jane is a prolific scrap quilter. Using fabric from many sources, she makes little masterpieces one after the other. This little beauty was made from a large collection of greens that she has had for several years. The highlight of this quilt for me is the stitching in the borders.
A little close up for you dears. See what I mean? Using only the width of her walking foot as a guide Mary Jane has produced beautiful channel quilting all around the quilt. One of the distinct advantages of doing this is the 'weight' created by the stitching balances the quilt nicely.
The bonus on this quilt was the divine cross-hatching as a secondary pattern that formed in the corners. Bravo! I can't wait to do this on my next lap sized quilt. Great idea and thank you Mary Jane!!! 
  • I see a distinct change in the blogging world. Now mostly dominated by those with commercial interests, I lament the amateur blogger, the one who wants to advance the art of quilting without selling something. The one who is thrilled to learn new techniques without spending $100.00 for new templates and rulers. 
  • There are a large number who started as artists sharing their work or writers working on technique and developing their skill who lean so strongly to one political agenda or another that the work, the skill, the message is lost. And with it my readership.
  • While I do not object to strategically placed sidebar ads in many Lifestyle blogs, the constant and incessant pop-ups that block text or black out content is infuriating. I am sure that these generate more income but it will not be from me. Your pretty porch and pumpkin displays are not that interesting.  
  • My summary, and my opinion is the one expressed here, is really simple. I am culling my reading list.  My news feed is my first read and I try to keep diverse opinion in context. My entertainment news feed will be different and in some ways I am sad to delete some favorite blogs but there is a limit. And I have reached it. 39 pop up ads in one post? really? Goodbye and have a nice life.

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