Monday, October 12, 2015

On The Edge of a New Week

There are a few maple trees on our property that are always the first to turn. This is one of them. After clearing the larger trees a lot of scrub underbrush has filled in the woodland edge. A lot of the black berry bushes have found purchase again and by next year will need a severe trim. This upper section I refer to as the Turkey Walk. The Turkeys will peck along this entire upper pathway at all times of the day. It is quite a sight. While the Deer and other critters use it too, the Turkeys actually strut and show off.

  I picked the last of the meager tomato harvest the other day. A sad day, I love looking out my kitchen window watching the daily growth of the raised beds. For several months now I will get to stare at the naked dirt but I will leave the thyme and rosemary to their own devices. They tend to be very hardy and I may be able to harvest until January.

How many ways can I kill an orchid? Or, is there any way NOT to kill the orchid? While green plants do very well for me in the house, flowering ones have limited life cycles. I have had many orchids in the past, I have tried all the recommended instructions for re-bloom. I have a collection of orchid pots that would fill a small green house, lots of little clippy things and bamboo sticks, but alas, no reblooming orchids. What is a girl to do?

Mondo goes back up North to the dealer for her end of season check up and Winterization this week. It will take all day they say. Yikes. I will follow Mr. in my car so that we can do some sight seeing during the day. I am very far behind in Mondo posts. I will work on that soon. Just too much going on recently. 

This is the week of the Eleanor Burns event. I am packing up my supplies now. Can't wait.While Eleanor will not be attending as planned (she had heart surgery a couple weeks ago) she has fill-in's scheduled as well as designer Deb Strain is coming for a lecture and evening program.

My sewing friend and I will be staying overnight for each day of the event. With rush hour traffic we concurred that we would be spending more time on the road than sewing if not!

I am looking for a spark, some inspiration, a direction for my work. During the Summer I have lost my passion for the whole business. Not sure why but I have some ideas and I hope this event will negate all that and get me going again. This has never happened before. Of course, I have had lulls and waning interest in different projects before but not this near apathy.

Our sponsoring Baby Lock dealer (Gloria Horn Sewing Studios, Mt. Lebanon, Pa.) always has great opportunities to learn and experiment with new techniques.  In the past taking a class or two has always helped me rediscover what I enjoy about the creative process. I am hopeful. 

I hope to have some interesting posts to share with you next week or so. Toodles!

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