Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Nothing Like a Sponsored Retreat!

If you have ever been fortunate enough to attend a Sewing/Quilting retreat sponsored by a Sewing Machine Manufacturer you know what a privilege it is. Babylock provided goodie bags that included pens, patterns, templates and fabric plus many other small sewing items. The shop sponsor, Gloria Horn Sewing Studio, provided a goodie bag too. A cool sewing tote with multiple notions, a water bottle (including a pack of Crystal Light) candy, pens, notepads, measuring tapes etc.
Was I a lucky bunny or what? Just look at this adorable flannel charm square set. It is so festive. I know who this quilt will go to already.
In addition, a multi-toned neutral Jelly Roll was in my bag. Both of these fabric gifts were from Maywood Studio, beautiful fabric. There was a great large flying geese template as well. (Not photographed yet.)
This is Olivia, the new girl in town. And of course, there is a little story that clearly illustrates that some things are just meant to be! The serger class was the second day class for me. As we entered the room we were entertained by the Babylock educator with one anecdote after another. I wanted to sit forward in the class to see the samples and watch demo's. Now, I looked at this sweetie when she first was presented a year or so ago and decided that it was ridiculous for me to want another serger, I would continue to futz around with converting the Bernina to cover stitch now and then while using the older Janome634 D for general 4 thread work.
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Ladies who Quilt! Grandma Moses

Then I sat down and fired this one up. My oh my, no wonder they want you to try out these things. It is solid and versatile, has a large throat space, great lighting and every necessary function that any serger has but you can work with 8 threads at a time and, it has Air Threading!!! Mama Mia, I was in distress. During the lag after lunch we were chatting around the room with other attendees, some we have met in other classes, when I noticed that each machine had a number affixed to the base. When I returned to the one I was using the number 17 was clearly apparent. Never thought anymore about it.

So, on the last day I bit the bullet and bought a machine. As the show was closing and the trucks were being loaded to return to St. Louis with the manufacturers machines I was to choose one for myself. I looked at that mountain of boxes and said, just give me this one it is easy to get to. We recorded the serial number and waited for the helper to bring it down from the pile and take it to the car for me. The box was large and cumbersome. He brought it down and set it on the table to get a better grip of the handles and lo and behold....the number 17 sticker was right there on the top.

It was providential, my machine, it was meant to be.
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goodbye a new forever home for you

  • Bernina is gone. Never traded in a machine before. I have kept them all. I am out of room so that is the new rule, buy a new one, an old one has to go.
  • If you are considering buying a new machine consider a show machine. Low mileage, great price. 
  • I heard a rumor that there will be another show, in this venue, next year. I am all over that!!!

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