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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

3 D Snowflake

So here is a little twist using quilting fabric, pun intended. The other day at our Ladies of the Cloth gathering Jennifer presented this very interesting item. It is a star made from fused fabrics. After fusing and special cutting a dot of glue here and there and 6 squares of fabric turn into a 3 D Snowflake. Love it.

Light as a feather, dangling from a hanging string, these would make stunning Christmas ornaments. They are big too. Since each square starts at 7 inches and there are 6 squares you can picture how this imposing snowflake can fill a space. Using contrasting fabrics in your chosen colors they could also be a prominent feature at any time.

Want to try it? Grab two pieces of fabric and your glue gun and give that rotary cutter something different to do! 

This is the link to the You tube here.....Here You Go!!!

1 comment:

Jeanneke said...

Super; tutorial as well as the snowflake! I love snowflakes and will give it a try as soon as the bad cold has left my body :>)
Thanks for sharing dear friend.