Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Tea Time Tuesday, My Studio Tea Table

The last of the Spring/Summer themed tea tables. It is really hard to say goodbye to the warm weather this year for some reason.  Small changes in tabletop decor signal the nesting spirit in me so the next one will have a Fall theme. I will try to welcome the season, embrace the color. It is nice to  have a nice little pot of tea at the ready just for you and maybe a stitching friend as well. A quilter needs a little mid-afternoon break and a cup of tea is just the right touch.

My studio tea table.
 As you enter my studio space there is a little table that I rescued from our Summer cottage before it sold. Sadly, there were other pieces that were promised to the buyer before I could retrieve them. Oh well. Anyway, this little setting is a little set I bought at least 25 years ago at a gift and antique shop, now closed.
Typical gift shop ware but it called to me. It was a little Victorian in spirit and I was really into fussy little things then.
Cute, quaint, sort of mumsie in an Arsenic and Old Lace sort of design.
lidded sugar and creamer
a little square dish, lemon? candy?
From the same era, this little three dimensional garden scene is one of a pair...I can't find the other one. The elements are some sort of clay/plastic/plaster that has been molded and painted. It is nicely framed and quite frankly I do not remember where I got it. While this one is a Spring/Summer scene, it still seemed to suit the current tea set offering.
  • Most of my tea ware is floral themed, I will need to stretch my wings for Fall.
  • I don't keep all of the items out all the time, many go to storage and are rotated regularly.
  • Dishes, tea ware, etc. are art to me. 
And yes, I still press my linen tea towels. Old habits die hard. Just so you know.

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