Saturday, September 26, 2015

The Transitional Seasons

Staub Cast-Iron Pumpkin Cocotte
Isn't this a beautiful piece of art?

We just returned from the last trip of the season and I am exhausted. Not that we hiked to the mountain top or ran a 5K, but exhausted never the less. We spent the week in the Allegheny Mountains of Pa. Such natural beauty. The leaves are starting to turn and the one thousand squirrels per acre are scurrying to gather their nuts for the Winter. As the underbrush dies back one can see deeper and deeper into the forest and all the beauty there.

I took a couple needlework projects with me but by the time we returned to Mondo I had no desire to pick up a needle. I preferred to grab a cup of coffee and a sweater while I sat by the fire just listening to the sounds around me. We had a nice big black bear run in front of us that day as well as deer. On another day we went Elk searching without luck. So no needlework.

It was my intention to work on one or two of these but that didn't happen. An easy crochet pattern, a nice little addition in any color combination for a welcome basket, a get-well basket, or a Christmas gift. The free pattern is offered below. 


Tea Cozy. Free Pattern.

The transitional seasons are the best, aren't they? Up in the mountains we had glorious weather. Warm and almost hot during the day and quite chilly at night. 39F is chilling. The furnace got a good workout :)

Today is the day to do the Seasonal clear out in Mondo, clean every surface and pack everything away for next year. I have a list of must-do's that will keep me away from any needles again today, then I can relax a bit.  

Have a wonderful Saturday. The first full official Fall weekend is locally peppered with festivals and events. Try to get out and enjoy it while you can. 


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