Friday, September 11, 2015

Getting Ready for St. Patricks Day

All Righty then, lets review the Cross-Stitch Pear Project shall we?  I am so embarrassed, I must say, because this is one of those great small in-hand projects that started outwith a big bang for me. After that momentous beginning one thing or another got in the way, including misplacing the project bag. That is the problem of trying to be efficient, even when traveling. Sometime in May or early June I packed the project bag to travel along in Mondo. We were pretty busy on that trip and I never got around to working on it. One must remember that my vacations involve just taking my home and normal home life activities with me, on wheels. That translates as meals to cook, people to serve, a quick little daily sweep of dog hair, paw prints etc. You get the drift. Not that these trips are all work, they certainly are not but this is my preferred way to travel. Number one, I know who cooked my food and I know the dishes are clean. Number two, I know who uses my bathroom. Enough said about that. And last but not least, I never have to use a black light in the bedroom or spend a half hour or so checking for bedbugs. Just saying.

I went off topic there, sorry. Anyway, there are so many little cubbies in the motor home that one can easily misplace something. Anyway, I did find it after several weeks (tucked away with extra bedding in an overhead cupboard above the bed) and it continued to languish while I worked on a couple other little things that needed to be wrapped up. That said, I have resumed working on it. I use a small table to lay out my supplies and pattern. It seems to work better for me. I can pull the table up to me in a chair and there is not dropping of needles etc. I use the table mostly in the motor home but brought it in the house the other day for the same purpose. I may just pick up another one. (QVC)
Coming along, I am going to work on it during the football game. That might not be the best decision because I will likely loose my stitch count! The next photo will show a finish, promise.

One little aside. I was dismayed to learn that Sampler & Antique Needlework Quarterly is officially closed. I was rather surprised because it is SO popular with needle workers. I don't know the whole story but some other aficionados have mentioned that they though it would have a short life after it was bought by the Annie's Attic group. Such an amazing piece of work. If you want this last issue snap it up now, it is stunning. I see that EBAY and Amazon have some back copies for sale. Good luck.

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