Wednesday, September 9, 2015

A New Service Project, The Beads of Courage Bead Bags

What can the Sewist do with four pieces of fabric 9 X 12 inches? (or four fat quarters?) Meet a very popular local and national service project. Quilters and Sewists in the Pittsburgh area have many opportunities to raise awareness for supportive projects for children and adults. This is just one movement that is gaining popularity here. 
This particular project works in conjunction with Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh to provide each child a special bead to mark a treatment event. The courage the children show is beyond admirable. Wise beyond their years, they use the beads for what ever they want to make or just collect them in these little drawstring bags.
The bags are large enough to tote small collectibles or personal items and the children have something made specially for them. These 'example' bags were made by Linda for our Tuesday Ladies of the Cloth group. We will gather at the end of the month and stitch up a bunch of these to donate.

 Instructions for making the bags.
The Story behind Beads of Courage.
Interested? Get the Labels Here.
From Olfa, how to care for your cutting mats! 

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Jeanneke said...

Lovely and lovingly project!


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