Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Let's Talk About Workspaces and Dreaming!


Organizing a workspace is one of my absolute favorite things to do. I think I should have chosen another career path in that direction because it is a passion, sweet and simple. A passion. Just look at this little nook. I have one of those little carts, love it. I would like to have that table....! A dedicated computer desk, shelves with binders all pretty and neat. ***sigh***

The name of this fabric is Evalotta. It appears to be stretched over a frame and then anchored to the wall. Too Cute. A little reading nook in the studio for reading, tea, visiting with a quilty friend. My, my, my, how I can dream!

What do you think about this little desk area?  I really like the wall organizers that I would purpose for tracking expenses etc. I actually have two antique steamer trunks. Mr. would be apoplectic if I painted them! I even have old suitcases, an old typewriter too. As quaint as this looks I would use a file organizer that I saw in IKEA last visit. More efficient and more storage.

  Here it is, the one will all the little drawers. I am in love.

So where am I going with this you ask? Like a itch you just can't quite reach, the redecorating bug is biting me. Not just in the sewing room, the whole darn house! I hate when this happens. If I don't win the lottery it will not happen and that just irks me. When I get a 'thing' in my head I fuss and fuss. That means I need to get creative. Stay tuned. 

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