Tuesday, August 4, 2015

A Teatime Tuesday Post....Today Lets Talk Crochet!

Source: Tea for Two & Two for Tea

Good Morning Happy Hookers! I haven't done much crochet recently and this little project might be just what I need. There was a blog some time ago where a young lady made beautiful tea cozies in a similar vein. Her's were quite intricate. Sadly, she has disappeared from blogland.  It was my intention to share a photo of one of my teapots. But then I started looking for a new pattern I picked up for a Tea Cozy and one thing led to another and after googling Tea Cozy, look what I found! Can you believe these are so darn cute? Click on the source link for more information about the people who posted these photo's but after reading through I could not understand if they sold the finished product, the pattern or what. So I decided to look closely and think about how to duplicate it. If you crochet these would not be too difficult to construct.

  • lots of double crochet stitch
  • a type of shell stitch
  • I am not sure about the pink ribbed ones
  • and those little roses, how about that
  • I did find that pattern, I would like to carve out some time to work on it

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