Friday, July 31, 2015

Let's Just Get This Out of the Way Right Now!

Botanical Pumpkin Dinnerware Collection
Can you believe this?
Botanical Pumpkin Dinnerware Collection
There is absolutely no way I cannot share this. Again, those evil people at Williams-Sonoma have added another line of Fall Dinnerware that is making me break another commandment, coveting! How can it be? Pumpkins people, pumpkins! Just look at these, who needs food on them when you can just enjoy them?
 Botanical Pumpkin Dinnerware Collection
Scoop me up some of those taters Mama, comfort food in perfect dinnerware..... it does not get any better than that! When my most recent catalog arrived I was oohing and awhing over one item or another but then I turned a page and smack me down! Here they were, in all their pumpkin glory. Coveting should not be a sin, I am going to see if I can get that changed!
 Botanical Pumpkin Dinnerware Collection
Just look at those napkin rings, are you kidding me?

  Here you go fellow dish-o-philes, go see for yourself!


ELMO said...

I think I need a job as Williams Sonoma for the employee discount

celkalee said...

I know! Can you believe these? We could get one set and ship it back and forth every other year!

ELMO said...


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