Wednesday, July 8, 2015

In The Beginning, it Started With One Block..........

Applique is an art form. If you do it well it is beautiful. Karen is working on this stunning block and enhancing it with sequins. She had considered making itty-bitty little applique circles but we sort of thought these little blingy bits were just the right stuff. I cannot wait to see what she does with all this. All her quilts are different, stylish and so distinctive. Many quilters have a style of sorts, I think I do. But Karen has a wide range of talents that translate differently with each item she makes!
 I think I am probably a pain in the patootie with the camera snaps all the time but I learn by studying the work of others. This is the beginning of a wool applique block by Linda. She has several others in that little plastic snap box. This is another one of the projects that will come together and I will say, how did she do that?
I know I have shown this in the past but it is worth another visit. Marilyn made this beauty in these neutral tones a while ago. In the markets the neutral toned fabrics remain popular among quilters. If you are gifting a quilt and unsure of colors this is the way to go.
The quilting pattern was done by a long-arm pro in a dark thread. Way to go Marilyn. 

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