Tuesday, June 16, 2015

The Tuesday Tea, On the Road

I have learned over time that my routines keep me on track, sane in a way. (sanity is somewhat over-rated and essentially relative to context, do you agree?) My teatime, whether at home, in Mondo or out with friends is one of those routines. I keep this little steeping pot in the motor home for just that occasion. The mug is a concession, my fragile cups would likely not travel so well! It is Corelle from a set that was gifted to a family member years ago. (they did not like the mugs)
  •  Twinings English Breakfast Tea, one of my favorites.
  • Tea Time for me is usually around 3 pm. That is the hour when my energy fades, always has. A nice cup of tea is an invigorating break. 
  • Do you keep little routines? Was the routine deliberate or the result of a habit?  
  • Today is my older Son's Birthday, dinner with him tonight. He is now 43, how did that happen? 

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