Thursday, June 18, 2015

Some Tools for the Quilter

The quilter is always on the look-out for tools she can use to help her cut, piece, baste or quilt. These clamps are used by several famous quilters in their studios. Just think how convenient they would be to clamp those quilt layers to your table when basting. I am not sure where they were sourced, there was no attribution to the photo but I have a few places to check out. I am thinking Harbor Freight, Home Depot, Lowes, local hardware store.
  • Not a new idea but always a good one, this plastic table cloth with a flannel backing can be used in your sewing space or used as a portable design wall. Available in many areas they can be purchased for a dollar or so in the dollar store. I keep one or two in Mondo just for impromptu picnics and to cover the tables at campgrounds.
  •  be on the lookout for various items that can be used for sewing/quilting purposes.
  • check out Pinterest and other informational sites for ideas.
  • question sewing peers for items they use to make sewing/quilting easier
  • surprised at the cost of those famous Sewing Gloves we wear for free motion quilting? Not to worry, use gardening gloves, clean ones of course. The same gripping ability and much easier on your wallet, you can buy more fabric!

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