Tuesday, May 26, 2015

String Star Block

For those of us who collect strips and love to do the occasional String Quilt I thought you might like to see this one. It was posted on Facebook a while ago and several people were looking for a pattern. I have no idea what size the blocks are but you could easily make them to your own specifications. The layout is what makes it distinctive and if you like Stars, well, there you go!

  • No Tuesday tea today, Mr. is having some testing done.
  • I do have some Pottery Passion Photo's coming up. Just when I think I will not add to the collection I come across some stunning jugs, jars and pitchers. I am weak. I may have a problem.
  • I don't care. You only live once so live it well, your way and be happy. Therefore, pottery.
  • I saw three Hummingbirds, a Yellow Butterfly and several members of our Turkey flock while sweeping my back porch this morning. People ask why I live in the woods.....that is one reason.
  • My weeds are doing well, so are the herbs.
  • I have to miss my Ladies of the Cloth gathering today as well. Hello all! See you next week!

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