Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Basting with Skewers and Binder clips


Basting, does anyone really enjoy it or is it the chore one has to complete before we get to the fun stuff? Oh yeah, it is a chore. That said there are many ways to baste a quilt small to large and the internet videos have given us amazing opportunity to examine the process and choose a new method now and then.  

I have been using the board basting method for a couple years and it works well for me but I have switched back to pins because I think the layers are more stable for me. Who knows? You have to try for yourself. I did quite a few with the mattress stitching method and it was good but I was getting a dimple or two in the backing. Not so much with the pins. 

 A board basting post with access links to two video's to help you understand the process. It is easy, trust me.

New Basting Video, featuring wooden skewers and binder clips.   I haven't had time to try this yet but it is on the list. 
  • basting not my favorite chore but not so bad with the boards, I need to try the skewer method too.
  • Nice day with my Ladies of the Cloth today. Sewing friends are the best.
  • We have leaves, real leaves, it is so nice. And the blossoming trees are the prettiest I have seen in years. Looking for the bright spots here. Looking for the bright spots.

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