Wednesday, April 22, 2015

The Cost of Quilting

 A subject that circulates regularly among quilters is the cost. Non-quilters do not understand that the fabric, tools, machines etc. do require an investment. While some of us have more 'stuff' than others the rise in cost has been growing over the last 5 or 6 years. In the link I have provided a non-quilter researches and investigates the why's and what's of this trend. Amazed at what is being charged in certain venue's for a finished quilt,  she researched the subject and shares it here. 

Many of us are in the process of stash reduction. Admirable as that is, the new fabric options call us, cajole us and tempt us into spending more money for ...'the stuff.'  Not that it is a bad thing, supporting local business is one of my mantra's but quite frankly Mr. Sewtopia thinks I might need to slow it down a bit. He sees the fabric piles here and there in various stages of production and shakes his head. Poor guy, he understands but he doesn't understand the fabric passion. Like fine art good fabric is an investment, an investment in a future project.

That said, on with the show. Please click on the link and give a read to how quilters and quilting are perceived by some in the outside world.

Quiltonomics: The Real Costs of Quilts

  • Weather, I do not know how to dress during these transition seasons. The sun is warm the air is chilly and the wind....well the wind is ridiculous!
  • Cloud formations are the beautiful result of restless weather. Everywhere I look I am transfixed by the colors and the movement. My Mother always said I had my head in the clouds. I decided to interpret that as a compliment!
  • Enough with the Lilly Pulitizer thing, really.
  • Sometimes I dream about flying. I need to look that up in one of those dream analysis books. I think it might not be good.
  • One of my favorite Chinese restaurants still offers warm lavender scented hand towel before service, so nice. 
  • All righty then, now go and stitch up something, clean out a drawer or fondle your fat quarters, it's all good, really, all good.

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