Sunday, April 19, 2015

Lilly, Lilly, Lilly

Cambridge Palazzo Pant
We have weather 'events' with huge loss of property and lives devastated, we have wars and terrorists creating havoc all over the world and we have a web site at Target crash because the most sought Prep Green Pink Colonyafter clothing of the Spring season was unavailable to online shoppers.

TheResort White Finders Keepers lead story on my morning news was the crash.

 With all the fuss and furor over the Target launch of Lilly Pulitzer, I have been having flashbacks. Not that I ever personally wore the famous label during its hey day but I did have the opportunity to copy the look, in the '60's, because I sewed. One local shopping mall had three outstanding fabric stores that carried the best fabric. One in particular carried the Lilly look prints. I was all over that. My Easter dress that year was in the coral floral print with an organza duplicate print as an over lay. I was cute, cold as a bear on an ice floe but really cute. Picture a sunrise service, outside, low 50's F. Oh yeah, I was cold.

Like the iconic Vera Bradley prints the Lilly Pulitzer prints and style were the prep way to dress. All my friends dressed the same way. In a group we likely resembled a wall paper sample book! 

The look is a good one. Feminine, fresh and tropical these new/old styles are making a come back among the younger ladies. A good look, it sure beats sweats and grunge!

M7122, Misses' Tunic, Dresses and Leggings
When you study the clothing you will find very simple design lines because the fabric plays the lead role. The sewing patterns are so basic that one can easily replicate the look. For example, the dress above has the right lines even though the fabric is more primary in colors than pastel it has possibilities.

B6053, Misses' Dress

B5815, Misses' Top, Tunic and Dress

Sooooooo, if you still sew clothing, one piece or an entire wardrobe, consider being a Lily copycat. It sure beats standing in a line at Target for hours or fussing with the website. Never Mind,  a National newscaster just broke the sad news everything in stores and on line is gone, sold, bammo! Get out those patterns chickie's or pay a kings ransom for a simple sheath dress that has no fitting lines or couture techniques involved.     
  • Good week end for me, I got to see my Sister.
  • The Batik Misery quilt is done except for a few inches of binding I will finish tonight during Call the Midwife. Amen  Sisters, I say Amen!
  •  I may need to reduce my caffeine intake, now that will be a huge concession. 
  • The week ahead, another busy one but that's just how I like it.

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