Thursday, March 12, 2015

The Service Quilt, The Ladies of the Cloth Get to Work! PartOne.

A seal makes a photobomb,  source, Vegan Outreach

Can you even believe how cute this photo is? You know, there is always one in every crowd! Just has to be the smartest person in the room!

Most of our quilts are in various stages of completion. This one is done.  Shared fabrics, a dedicated quilter and quilt done. Red, white and blue are such iconic colors for quilts. As a group we cut our fabrics in 5 inch squares. We had planned to do all this as a group for another cutting bee, But weather and life intervened and we each cut our own and are in the process of sharing and swapping to make our projects.

Using the cheery dotted fabric each of  the blocks is balanced even with such an eclectic collection of fabrics. Love it, never met a dot I didn't like.

All right lets talk about service projects. If you belong to a stitching group or a quilt guild you are likely aware of the need in your community for donated quilts. Quilts to warm and comfort and let the recipient know that someone who does not know them or even know their specific circumstances has donated time, resources and kindness to help them along. Our guild donates yearly to three specific groups who have expressed need. This year the Ladies of the Cloth Tuesday stitching group (formerly and sometimes named the Sew and Sews) have branched out a bit to support a needs program in a local school district desperate for assistance. This has been a great project for this time of year since we have been nearly housebound with bitter cold temperatures, snow and ice.  As a secondary benefit we are sorting out lots of fabric that we have accumulated in our respective stash (s) and putting them to good use.  
Another nine patch in blues, greens and yellow. These quilts are sure to please. They are happy, they will be warm, like a hug.

Well, Fiddle-Dee-Dee Miss Scarlet, it seems we have a duplicate! Uh, huh. (blogger formatting is acting up, if I delete one photo the whole magilla goes down the Internet tubes, so enjoy two pics of the same little quilt :)

We frequently have left over when doing a project like this. The little quilt will be destined for a small child. These colors will work well for a boy or a girl, they are essentially neutral.

  • One of the important acts of kindness any quilter can bestow on another is the gift of a quilt.
  • We are aware that these at-risk children sleep where ever they can find a spot. They don't have blankets or certainly not hand made quilts. We hope to alleviate their discomfort and let them know the world is not all difficult.
  • Will it make a difference? 
  • Education makes the difference, keeping them in school with warmth, food and support is the answer. We do what we can.
  • On a lighter note, the 5 inch square, or now commonly referred to as a charm square is an extremely versatile cut. Works for me!
  • Tomorrow is Friday, I am starting to have fish-mares! The mountains of cod will greet me in the church kitchen first thing in the morning. It is my understanding that our area, Pittsburgh, may be one of few metropolitan areas in the US that observe the Friday Fish Fry during Lent in the country. It was a feature of the evening news a few days ago. I have never known anything else. The things you learn.......

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