Saturday, March 21, 2015

The American Beech Tree

After the snow melt our woods are dotted with the most charming trees, the American Beech. As I drove along today I lamented that I did not have my camera with me so I came home and looked up some google pic images. Have you met Fagus Grandifolia?
Dotted throughout the landscape the American Beech trees hold onto their leaves through the Winter. With snow on the ground and after the melt the contrast in the majesty of beautiful trees and the Winter exposed terrain.
Image result for american beech tree winter
But in an otherwise stark view the lacy dried leaves of the American Beech tree foretell the seasons as they change. I'm in love, with a tree.

  • The random composition of these photo's present a natural color palette for study. Using the dried leaves of the American Beech tree as a highlight color, the composition is open for interpretation for painting, quilting, needle punch patterns.  
  • I once took an elective course to learn how to sketch trees. It is much more difficult than I thought. I still have the sketch book. Looks almost cartoony, now you know why I don't sketch for a living!
  • Right after that course I took a wood carving course. I chose a piece of dark walnut, what was I thinking? Harder than granite. Picture this, hard wood, sharp blades, me. Carving. That had disaster written all over it!
  • Nature lifts my soul. 
  • Have a lovely week end. Look about, find inspiration in the little things that surround you. 

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