Monday, March 23, 2015

A Very Busy Week, A Big Block Quilt

I captured this pic some time ago as an inspiration idea. Using pre-cuts this one would come together quickly. I think it was a Moda sample for market last year. Unfortunately, I did not make note of that. The center block is 16 charm squares (5 inch squares) and the larger star points are 10 inch squares commonly referred to as layer cakes.  I have searched the The Moda Bakeshop Site, here with no luck but there are so many great quilt projects there you might want to take a look.

Since I have no time this week for anything close to quilting I wanted to stop in, say hello and see you some time in the future. This is Quilt Show Week, this is Anitagood Design Workshop week, and multiple other family obligations. So, toodles for now, Spring is here, how great is that?

  • Since I still dislike cutting fabric, the pre-cuts call out to me. They are versatile and fun to work with.
  • I have no affiliation with Moda but if you can't find a nice little project on the site you maybe should be learning another craft :)
  • I will be so glad when this week is over. I dislike when my time so crowded that I hardly have time to enjoy any of it. 
  • I do have a version of the Big Block Quilt in progress and have shared a few pics, after the show I plan to join some of those rows to illustrate how quickly these quilts go together.

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